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Homework Help: Geography (Ms. Sue)

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1). How does the direction in which European rivers flow aid in linking Europeans to the world?

A: The direction in which European rivers flow aid in linking Europeans to the world as they flow from the interior to the sea and are large enough for ships to traverse, encouraging both trade and travel.

2). Would you expect the high Alps to be more or less densely populated than the surrounding region? Why?

A: I would expect the high Alps to be less densely than the surrounding region because, due to their high elevation of 5,000 feet, the Alps possess a far colder climate and snow can reach a depth of 33 feet in the winter.

3). What type of landform borders the Mediterranean Sea from southern France?

A: ?

4). What type of landforms are found in Europe?

A: Peninsulas, islands, mountain chains, uplands, and large plains are the types of landforms in which are in Europe.

5). What resources help with farming?

A: ?

6). Why is Europe called a "peninsula of peninsulas"?

A: Europe is called a "peninsula of peninsulas" because Europe itself possesses many smaller peninsulas.

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