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Homework Help: algebra

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9. 9/5w + 8/w
** Cannot be simplified. Am I correct??

14. The number of instrctions N performed per second by a computer varies directly as the speed S of the computer's internal processor. A processor with a speed of 20 megahertz an perform 1,800,000 instructions per second.

a. Find an equation of variation
N =

b. The same processor perform _____ instructions if it is running at a speed of 180 megahertz.

18. To travel a fixed distance, the numver of gallons needed is inversely proportional to the miles-per-gallons rating P of the car gets 42 miles-per-gallon (mpg) needs 33 gal to travel the distance.

a. An equation of variation is N=
b. A car that gets 77 mpg needs ____ gallons of gas.

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