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A function f(x) has domain [0,25), range (-∞,5], and intercepts (2,0), i(17,0), 0,9). A function h(x) has domain (-∞,16), range (-∞,42) and intercepts (3,0), (0,-10). Find the domain of each of the following.
1. f + h
2 f/g
3. f*g

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    I assume g and h are the same, since only h is defined...

    f+h and f*h has domain [0,16)
    outside of that interval, one or the other is not defined.
    f/h has the [0,16) less 3, because h(3) = 0 and division by 0 is not defined.

    Note that we can say nothing about the range, because no information is given about where in the domain the extreme values are achieved.

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