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Geography (Ms. Sue)

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1). How might democratic reforms and improved trade agreements contribute to a stronger economy in Mexico?

2). What effect might Mexico's young population have on its development?

3). In what ways have Native American and Spanish influences shaped Mexico?

My answers to these questions are the following:

1). Democratic reform and improved trade agreements might contribute to a stronger economy in Mexico as these factors lead to political stability and human development, which leads to improve productivity and the economy.

2). ?

3). Native American and Spanish influences have shaped Mexico by their different languages, their religions, and their forms of art and architecture.

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    2. About a third of Mexico's population is under 14 and can't contribute to production of goods. Older young people can't find work and must emigrage.

    Your answers are correct.

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    2. Without education and training young workers cannot find good jobs.

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    what are the major culture that blended to form the characteristics of central America and the Caribbean

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