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There are two flask, one filled with a)ice bath, and b)boiling water.

Ice bath: 1.00 L O^2(g) at STP
Boiling water: 1.00 O^2(g)

If we want the pressure to remain at 1.00bar when the O^2(g) is heated to 373K, what mass of O^2 must we release from the flask?

I know that I should use the general gas equation, but I don't know what quantities I should plug in!

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    I assume this is O2 at 0C and O2 at 100 C and it ISN'T dissolved in H2O.
    Use PV = nRT. I would substitute P in atm (convert bar to atm), R = 0.08206 L*atm/mol*K and T = 273. Solve for n.

    Do the same for the 373 system and solve for n.
    Subtract to find the difference and convert mols to grams.

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