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Just then my Uncle Sol offered Grandma a compliment. "Esther," he said, "that's a beautiful football. Real cott gless." Grandma looked at Uncle Sol with great superiority. "Sol," she said, "listen close, you'll learn something. This cott gless is called a frutt boll, not a football. This in the middle, this is a football."

Uncle Sol was impressed. "Very smot," he said. "Very nice. But, Esther, now tell me something. How come you got a football in your frutt bol?" He pronounced them both carefully.

"Because," Grandma said, "today mine Allan brought me a nice present, this football. It's beautiful, no?"

Before Uncle Sol could answer, Grandma continued, "It's beautiful, yess- because from a child is beautiful, anything.

...From a child is beautiful, anything.

How does Grandma's tone change from the beginning of the passage to the end?

a. At first, she has a proud tone, but it changes to one of confusion about her grandson's action.
b. At first, she has a sad tone, but it changes to one of superiority over Uncle Sol.
c. At first, she has a matter-of-fact tone, but it changes to one of pride in her grandson.
d. At first, she has an annoyed tone, but it changes to one of pride in her knowledge.


What context clues help you define the word compliment in the passage?

a. Grandma acts superior to Uncle Sol.
b. Grandma says the football is beautiful.
c. Uncle Sol is confused about why a football is in the fruit bowl.
d. Uncle Sol tells Grandma the football is beautiful.


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