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Posted by Gabby on Thursday, September 19, 2013 at 6:51pm.

1) Why do scientists use models?(1point)
Scientists use models to learn about things that are too small, too large, or to complex to observe directly.
Scientists use models because doing so is always part of the scientific method.
Scientists use models because they work exactly like the systems they represent. ***
Scientists use models so they have an opportunity to work with their hands.

2) Which of the following is not a model?(1point)
An ant farm
A bicycle***
An atlas
A plastic human skeleton

3) Turning on the switch in a flashlight starts a chemical reaction in the batteries. The chemical energy is turned to light energy and the flashlight lights up. Which part of this system is an example of a process?(1point)
Turning on the switch is a process.
The conversion of chemical energy to light energy is a process. ***
The light that the flashlight produces is a process.
Turning the switch off is a process.

4) You are exercising on a hot day. Your body temperature goes up. You begin to sweat. The sweat cools your body. Sweating is an example of: (1 point)

5) How is a model of an atom different from a real atom? (1 point)
A model of an atom is not as big as an actual atom.
A model of an atom is the same as a real atom.
A model of an atom is more complex than a real atom.
A model of an atom is not as small as an actual atom.***

Am I right or wrong???

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