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i am writing things I do on that ship. choose the correct verb based on its meaning to complete each sentence.

a. toco
b. nado
c. almuerzo
d. juego
e. escucho
f. miro
g. abro
h. hablo
i. voy
j. como

15._____la musica

16.______ en el comedor

17._____ la puerta con la llave

18. ______por telefono


20.____ el piano

21.____frutas y ensaladas

22._______en bicicleta

23.______ en la piscina

24.______la pelicula

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    If you post your answers, I'll send them to our Spanish expert.

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    If you CAN, please put your choice next to the item. These poor old eyes do not like scanning up/down/up/down/up/down!

    I am assuming that the b goes with 16? Then you have selected: I am swimming the music! Is this wild guessing? Get a good dictionary, understand the choices and also the items!

    15. toco - I am playing the music.
    16 OK
    17. I"m playing the door with the key? NO. the correct choice is abro = I am opening the door with the key.
    18. I am eating by phone? NOT the best choice. hablo = I'm talking by phone.
    19. I"m talking basketball? NO. juego = I am playing basketball.
    20. OK
    21. I'm going fruit and salad? NO> como = I'm eating fruit and salad.
    22. I"m looking at by bicycle? NO. voy = I'm going by bicycle.
    23. I"m listening in the pool? Not the BEST choice. nado = I'm swimming in the pool.
    24. I'm opening the film? NO. What is left? escucho = I'm listening to the film.


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