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Introduction to Occupational Thearpy

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1. What type of facility treats most of conditions and may offer outpatient occupational therapy services?

A. federal institutions
B. rehabilitation hospitals
C. acute care hospital
D. work hardening centers
(My Answer is B)

2. Which of the following professions considers the physical, social, and psychological effects of disease and injury on everyday living?

A. physical therapy
B. speech therapy
C. occupational therapy
D. respiratory therapy
(My Answer is C)

3. Alice leather-working project is an example of an _____ activity that's both therapeutic and personal meaningful.

A. independent
B. vocational
C. leisure
D. work
(My Answer is D)

I would like to thank you in advance have a bless day

  • Introduction to Occupational Thearpy -

    4. Homemaking activities would fall under which one of the following AdL

    A. work
    B. self-care
    C. recreation
    D. home maintenance
    (My Answer is A)

  • Introduction to Occupational Thearpy -

    I don't know about 3. Check your text.

    I agree with your other answers.

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