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College Algebra

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Need help in working this problem - the cost of renting an edger is $16.50 for the first hour and $10.95 for each additional hour. How long can a person have the edger if the cost must be less than $55.00? (This is a question under the inequalities section)

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    16.50 + 10.95x < 55

    Solve for x.

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    We tried that but was told that it was wrong.

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    10.95x < 38.5

    x < 38.5 / 10.95

    x < 3.5 = 3 hours

    That's the only answer that makes sense. At about $11 an hour, the edger can only be rented for 3 hours.

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    What is the domain of y=(x-2x+5)

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