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A golfer takes two putts to get his ball into
the hole once he is on the green. The first putt
displaces the ball 9.6 m east, and the second
2.59 m south.
What displacement would have been
needed to get the ball into the hole on the
first putt?
Answer in units of m
Answer: 9.94 m
i have the answer to the first part i just don't get the second part which is,
What is the direction (in degrees S of E)?
Answer in units of ◦

  • Physics - ,

    D = 9.6-2.59i
    D^2 = 9.6^2 + (-2.59)^2 = 98.89
    D = 9.94 m.

    tan A = Y/X = -2.59/9.6 = -.26979
    A = -15.1o = 15.1o S of E.

  • Physics - ,

    A bicyclist makes a trip that consists of three parts, each in the same direction (due north) along a straight road. During the first part, she rides for 21.0 minutes at an average speed of 9.48 m/s. During the second part, she rides for 43.5 minutes at an average speed of 3.20 m/s. Finally, during the third part, she rides for 10.2 minutes at an average speed of 10.5 m/s. (a) How far has the bicyclist traveled during the entire trip? (b) What is the average speed of the bicyclist for the trip?

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