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A farmer wishes to enclose a rectangular region with 196 meters of fencing in such a way that the length is twice the width and that the region is divided along its length into two equal parts. What is the length and width in meters?

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    Did you make a sketch?
    width = x
    length = 2x
    but you dividing the length in two, so all sides are x

    Count the x's , we need 7x

    7x = 196
    x = 28

    the large rectangle is 54m by 28m

    I assumed that the dividing side is parallel to the width.
    If your dividing line is parallel to the length, then I would
    define the original width as 2x and the length as 4x (thus avoiding fractions)
    Then I see 3(4x) + 4(x) = 196
    16x = 196
    x = 12.25
    and the field was 24.5m by 49 m

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