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Write an algebraic expression that requires each of the following properties of real
numbers to simplify, in the order given: the Distributive Property, the Associative
Property of Addition, the Commutative Property of Addition, and the Distributive
Property. Simplify the expression showing the use of each property.

i don't understand this at all can somebody give me an example of this?

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    Me either. No expression requires the associative/commutative property to simplify it.

    A.P means that (2+3)+4 = 2+(3+4) but you don't need it to evaluate.

    C.P. means that 3+4 = 4+3 but you don't need it.

    The only one you need to evaluate an expression is the D.P., so you can say

    (2+3)(4) = 2*4 + 3*4 = 6+12 = 18

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    so (2+3)(4)=2*4+3*4=6+12=18
    would be a possible answer to this question?

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    Which expression is equivalent To 7(9+4) by the Distributive property

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