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Algebra 1-Fractions

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Or, eliminating fractions, I should say.
So, I need some help. See, I am really not a big fan of fractions. But I need to eliminate fractions to do a math problem. First one is 1/2-x=3/8. I know how to find LCD, then multiply both sides, distributive property, etc etc. But here's where I'm stuck. 4-8x = ___
I multiplied 3/8 by 8, I got 24/64. THIS is where I don't know what to do. I'd appreciate help ASAP.

  • Algebra 1-Fractions -

    -x = (3/8) / (1/2)

    -x = (3/8) * (2/1)

    x = -6/8 = -3/4

    An easy way to check your fraction problems is to convert the fractions to decimals and use your calculator.

    3/8 = 0.375
    1/2 = 0.5

    0.375/0.5 = 0.75

  • Algebra 1-Fractions -

    Pherhaps I should clarify. I have
    4-8x=24/64. I need to solve this, but I have to eliminate all fractions first. I can solve it once the fraction is gone. But how do I eliminate it?

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