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Oh man.... I don't understand how to simplify though... Can u please help me with These questions :
2 * square root 18
5* square root 48
3* square root 54

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    To change an entire radical to a mixed radical, look for a factor of the number which is a PERFECT SQUARE.

    = 2*√9√2
    = 2*3*√2
    = 6√2

    If there is no perfect square as a factor, then the radical cannot be changed to a mixed
    Make yourself a short list of perfect squares
    4,9,16,25,36,49,64,81,100, ......

    = 5√16√3
    = 5*4√3
    = 20√3

    you do the last one the same way.

    btw, you can always check your result by using your calculator .

  • Math quick help -

    Ok thank u!!!!

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