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French check my answers

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I had to write 20 sentences , 2 sentences for each answer with 10 verbs in the present form and reprise. Please check my answers and help me to correct them, thanks

1. Je chante. Je peux chanter.
2. Tu dessine. Tu peux dessiner.
3. Il danse. Il peut danser.
4. Elle marche. Elle peut marche.
5. Nous frappons. Nous pouvons frappe.
6. Je joue au basketball. Je peux jouer au basketball.
7. Tu manges. Tu peux manger.
8. Elle nage. Elle peut nager.
9. Il copie. Il peut copier.
10. Nous demandons. Nous pouvons demander.

  • French check my answers -

    I'll send this to our French expert, SraJMcGin.

  • French check my answers -

    When will she reply back?

  • French check my answers -

    Yes. She's very busy, and may not post a response until later this evening or tomorrow. But she will post an answer.

  • French check my answers -

    2. Tu dessines

    4. Elle peut marcher.

    5. Nous pouvons frapper.

  • French check my answers -

    Were you given "exemples" ou "modèles?" Reprise usually means the past participle, but in any event, I'll check what I see here. Le Présent Indicatif et pourvoir + l'infinitif.

    1. OK
    2. Tu dessines.
    3. OK
    4. Elle peut marcher.
    5. Nous pouvons frapper. (we are able TO KNOCK/TO STRIKE = L'INFINITIF
    6. OK
    7. OK
    8. OK
    9. OK
    10. OK

    Correct, from Sejul.

    Sra (aka Mme)

    Feel free to post any question(s) you may have.

  • French check my answers -

    Thank you all so much

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