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The subject is stoichiometry. How many moles of NH3 can be produced from 12.0mol of H2 and excess N2?

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    First, we write the balanced chemical equation involved. Since the reaction is synthesis of NH3,
    N2 + 3 H2 -> 2 NH3
    Since N2 is excess, H2 is limiting and we therefore use its moles to determine the amount of NH3 produced. In the equation, there are 2 moles of NH3 produced over 3 moles of H2 reactant. Thus, we use this ratio:
    12.0 mol H2 ( 2 mol NH3 / 3 mol H2 ) = 8.00 mol NH3

    Hope this helps~ :3

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    Jai ... what happen to the excess N2

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