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A nurse was working in ER, during her shift, she see a

please need proof reading .

patient who is having fever of 101 degree F. The patient also has open wound on his left leg, the wound is red, painful, swollen, and foul-smelling pus is showing signs of infection. The patient was describing his pain level 7 that is severe. While she was assessing the patient, a CNA informed her that one of her shift patient, who was receiving oxygen, is having difficulty breathing. ER RN immediately go to patient ‘s room and assess where is the problem. The patient accidently removed his oxygen mask while he was sleeping, Nurse immediacy fix the mask and stay with patient until SaO2 remain stable at 96-98%.
Nurse make this decision because she knows that airways is always the highest priority and she attend the client who was experiencing the airway problem first because she used Maslow’s Hierarchy of need theory. According to Maslow’s theory, breathing, food water comes first than any other need of human body. Apparently patient with fever and infection need help too but Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is a based on the theory that one level of needs must be met before moving on to the next step.

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    Please study this section of English Club's website:

    These are the two primary areas you need to work on:

    Verbs, especially using the correct tense:
    Here's an example:
    An ER RN immediately went to the patient's room and assessed the problem.

    Articles (when to use one of them and when not):
    Here are some examples:
    The patient is having a fever of 101 degree F. The patient also has an open wound on his left leg <~~Also, this is the end of a complete sentence and needs a period here, not a comma. Run-ons and comma splices are major errors in English.

    Go through your paper carefully and make corrections. Then post again.

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