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Homework Help: Geography (Ms. Sue)

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1). Which industries drive Canada's economy?

2). In which region is the majority of the population located?

3). Which bodies of water do the Atlantic Provinces border?

4). What is the major economic activity of the Atlantic Ocean?

5). Which provinces make up the Prairie Provinces?

6). Why is the population of the Atlantic Provinces so small?

7). Why are Ontario Quebec called the heartland of Canada?

8). What economic activities take place in British Columbia?

9). What is the location of Afghanistan in relation to Saudi Arabia?

My answers to these questions are the following:
1). The industries which drive Canada's economy are services industries, including finance, utilities, trade, transportation, tourism, communications, insurance, and real estate.

2). The majority of the population is located in a region which is mostly along a 100-mile wide strip of land just north of the U.S. border.

3). The Labrador Sea, the Gulf of St. Lawrence, and the Atlantic Ocean border the Atlantic Provinces.

4). The major economic activity of the Atlantic Ocean is logging.

5). The Manitoba, the Saskatchewan, and the Alberta provinces make up the Prairie Provinces.

6). The small population of the Atlantic Provinces is due largely to the provinces' rugged terrain and severe weather.

7). Ontario and Quebec are called the heartland of Canada because Ontario is the largest province in terms of population, Quebec in land area.

8). Mining, fishing, and logging are the economic activities which take place in British Columbia.

9). ?

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