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Homework Help: Science

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1)Which of the following is a valid reason to study science?(1point)
All employers require an in-depth knowledge of science.
Carrying out scientific experiments is a requirement of everyday life.
Most colleges require advanced science classes.
Understanding basic science terms and principles can help you evaluate scientific claims that affect your everyday life.***

2)An environmental group claims that a local chemical plant is polluting a nearby river. They are calling for a shutdown of the chemical plant. What evidence would help you most in evaluating their claims?(1point)
A repeated study that shows chemicals produced by the plant are in the water and harming fish or other wildlife***
The credentials of the president of the environmental group
A report that lists the chemicals they claim are being leaked into the river
The URL of the environmental groupís website

3)Which of the following questions is most testable through scientific experimentation?(1point)
Which gelatin takes longer to set: gelatin with fruit or gelatin without fruit?***
Which fruit looks more attractive in gelatin: bananas or apples?
Which tastes better: gelatin with or without fruit?
Which fruit do more people buy in a year: bananas o apples?

4)Which of the following best describes a scientific theory? (1point)
A scientific theory is a rule of nature that can never be changed.
A scientific theory is an educated guess about the possible results of an experiment.***
A scientific theory is a description of a pattern of observations without explanations.
A scientific theory is the best explanation for a particular pattern of observations.

5)A farmer wants to determine if a new fertilizer gives her a better crop yield than her old fertilizer. She spreads the old fertilizer in field A, which has a brand new irrigation system. She spreads the new fertilizer in field B which has an irrigation system that will be replaced next season. At the end of the growing season, field A has a better yield. The farmer determines that her old fertilizer is better fertilizer. This is an example of which of the following?
cultural bias
personal bias
data presentation error
experimental bias***

Am I correct or No??

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