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Posted by vanessa on Thursday, September 12, 2013 at 8:39am.

I am to identify 3 words or phrases in the Canada anthem and explain.

Verse one:

1. True North Strong and Free

- this phrase expresses hope and freedom of choice, speech and beliefs.

2. with Glowing hearts

- this phrase describes the love and pride for our country

3. We stand on guard for thee

- this phrase describes how we protect our values , homes, and rights.

Verse Two:

1. The land of hope for all who toil.

- this phrase describes Canada as a place where hope and dreams can come true with hard and continous work.

2. Great Prairie spread

- this phrase describes our beautiful land known for our pines and maple.

3. East to Western Sea

- this phrase expresses how far our pride and love extends.

Verse Three:

1. Beloved Native Land

- this phrase describes our love for our homeland.

2. Steadfast

This word describes Canadian as being loyal.

3. Beneath our shining skies

- the phrase describes freedom, pride, love,loyality for our land.

Verse Four

1. humble

- this word describes Canadians as being courteous and respectful to one another.

2. As waiting for a better day

- this phrase expresses never give up that there is hope for for better days to come.

3. Ruler Supreme

- this word expresses that Canada is meant to be one nation under god.

Thank you

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