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English(need help explain the meaning)

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Do you think that there should be a cap to the monetary damages that are awarded in malpractice cases?

What does this mean?
what do you mean by cap to the monetary demages??? please help. I am foreign who need this sentence re explain to me in easier english. thank you

  • English(need help explain the meaning) -

    a cap is an upper limit

    monetary damages are awarded to help pay for the suffering of the victim.

    malpractice is when the doctor provided incorrect treatment or caused injury which could have been avoided.

    So, patients sue for malpractice when they feel that a doctor has harmed them in some way through neglect or incompetence. Many times such accidents cause long-term suffering and pain.

    Monetary damages are hard to evaluate because much of the suffering can endure long after medical remedies have been provided, or the situation may be incurable.

    There are arguments for and against caps on monetary awards, and the question is not an easy one, and has no good answer that can be applied in every case.

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