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A 150 years ago nearly 3/4 of the working people in this country worked on farms. By the beginning of the 1980s only 1/40 did. Clearly automation "destroyed" many farms jobs. But if technology were really eliminating work, we would expect unemployment . The reason most ex-farmers are not unemployed is that jobs were being created in the cities as they were being eliminated on the farms.

Which of the following best summarizes the paragraph's main point.

1 After 1900, productivity increased dues to automation of agriculture

2 Technological advancement eliminate some work and create new jobs

3 Employment opportunities have moved away from urban to suburban areas

4 Due to technological developments the unemployment rate is lowest it has ever been
5 The need for labor in industry pulled farmers, children, and immigrants to the cities

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    I think it's (2). Is it correct?

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    I agree.

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