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Posted by Andy on Thursday, September 5, 2013 at 3:16pm.

One advantage of a _____________ is that the actual data values are retained in the graphical display of the data.

A) Pie chart
B) Dot plot (This one?)
C) Histogram
D) boxplot

If we want to discuss any gaps and clusters in a data set, which of the following should not be chosen to display the data set?

A) histogram
B) box plot (this one?)
C) stem and leaf
D) dot plot

Environmental researchers have collected rain acidity data for several decades. They want to see if there is any evidence that attempts to reduce industrial pollution have produced a trend toward less acidic rainfall. They should display their data in a(n)
A) bar graph
B) boxplot
C) timeplot
D) histogram (this one?)
E) contingency table

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