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Acc Algebra 2

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1. Name the property that Justifies each step in the simplification below.

1/2[(x+2)+(-x)]=1/2[-x+(x+2)] a.__?__
=1 /2[(-x=x)+2)] b.__?__
= 1/2(0+2) c.__?__
= 1/2*2 d.__?__
=1 e.__?__

My answers

a. Communitive Property
b.Assotiative Property
c. equavelent expression
d. Multiplication Property
E. i don't know

I don't think that all my answers r right can you please help me!!!!!

  • Acc Algebra 2 -

    a,b,c look ok
    d: where is the multiplication? I think equivalent again, since 0+2=2
    e: also not sure. no transformation is invilved; just straight multiplication.

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