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8th Grade Math

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5/2t - t = 3 + 3/2t

I'm having a hard time to solve this problem >.<

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    cancel out the denominator by multiplying by greatest common factor so 2.
    so now equation is 5t-2t=6+3t
    then solve. 3t=6+3t
    you should get no solution

  • 8th Grade Math -

    I don't understand....

  • 8th Grade Math -

    Anon failed to notice that t is also in the denominator.

    Multiply both sides by 2t.

    5 - 2t^2 = 6t + 3

    Combine like terms.

    2 - 2t^2 -6t = 0

    Multiply by -1.

    2t^2 + 6t - 2 = 0

    I also get no solution, but at least my equation is correct.

  • 8th Grade Math -

    Anon is correct.


    When we subtract 3t from both sides of the equation, we no longer have an equation. 0 = t is meaningless; therefore this problem has no solution.

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