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A ballistics pendulum is a device used to measure the speed of a fast moving projectile such as a bullet. A bullet of mass 5g is fired into a large block of wood of mass 1.5kg suspended from some light wires. The bullet is stopped by the block and the entire system swings through a vertical distance of 5cm. Find the initial speed of the bullet.
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    initial momentum = .005 v
    momentum after impact = .005 v = 1.5 V
    V = .005 v/1.5 = .00333 v

    kinetic energy after impact = (1/2)(1.5)V^2 = 8.32*10^-6 v^2

    final potential energy = mgh=1.5*9.81*.05
    = 8.32*10^-6 v^2
    v^2 = 88467
    v=297 m/s

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