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Posted by ann on Sunday, August 25, 2013 at 2:06am.

A catapult launches a test rocket vertically upward from a well, giving the rocket an initial speed of 79.0 m/s at ground level. The engines then fire, and the rocket accelerates upward at 3.90 m/s2 until it reaches an altitude of 980 m. At that point its engines fail, and the rocket goes into free fall, with an acceleration of −9.80 m/s2. (You will need to consider the motion while the engine is operating and the free-fall motion separately.)

(a) For what time interval is the rocket in motion above the ground?
[40.51 seconds]

(b) What is its maximum altitude in kilometers?
[? km]

(c) What is its velocity just before it hits the ground?
[? m/s]

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