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in triangle ABC, angle b is 5 more than twice angle A and angle C iss 35 less than three times angle A. Find the angles of triangle ABC

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    You'd have to set up equations.
    First, let a=angle A, b=angle B and c=angle C, all in degrees.
    (Note: in solving math problems, it is important to define all symbols/variables used, including the units).

    We are given:
    "angle b is 5 more than twice angle A" which translates to:
    b=2a+5 .....(1)

    "angle C is 35 less than three times angle A" which means:
    c=3a-35 .....(2)

    Finally, we know from basic geometry that the sum of angles of a triangle is 180°, so
    a+b+c=180 .....(3)

    Using the three equations, we can solve for a by substitution, i.e.
    Substitute values of b and c from (1) and (2) into equation (3) and solve for the value of a.

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