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algebra- please help

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graph by solution
y= 7/4x-4
y= -1/4x+4

  • algebra- please help -

    I think you mean "solve by graphing"


    for excellent graphing help.
    Be sure to use parentheses for proper grouping.

  • algebra- please help -

    can you solve for me? I don't understand how to work the site.

  • algebra- please help -

    I don't know how you can have trouble at the site. If you just enter


    into the first two function boxes, and click "Draw", you will see the graphs and where they intersect. That appears to be (-3/4,-1).

    Algebraically, set them equal:

    7/(4x-4) = -1/(4x+4)
    7(4x+4) = -1(4x-4)
    28x+28 = -4x+4
    32x = -24
    x = -3/4
    so, y = 7/(-7) = -1

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