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Homework Help: Latin, for Bryce

Posted by Writeacher on Thursday, August 22, 2013 at 6:29pm.

I don't know what "viri defessus" means. Here's why --

"defessus" is the masculine, singular, nominative form of the adjective meaning "weakened."

In here (, go into the first and second declension sections. The whole adjective is usually listed as "defessus, defessa, defessum" -- in order of masculine, feminine, and neuter forms.

"viri" however, is a noun that is NOT in the masc, s, non form. Go here ( and scroll down to the declension of the word "vesper" which forms its ending exactly as the word "vir" does.

In order to have "defessus" modify "vir," here's what you would need to use, depending on the use in the sentence (subject, object, or whatever):

vir defessus
viri defessi
viro defesso
virum defessum
viro defesso

viri defessi
virorum defessorum
viris defessis
viros defessos
viris defessis

In other words, the adjective's ending must match the case, gender, and number of the noun it modifies.

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