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Geometry; Check answers?

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For each graph, find (a)AB to the nearest tenth and (b)the coordinates of the midpoint of AB.

1. Coordinates are A(-9, -6) B(6,6)
D=19.2 Midpoint=(1.5,-6)

2.A(-2,-2) B(8,-6)
D=10.77 midpoint= (3,-4)

3. A(0,3) B(-2,-2)
D=5.4 Midpoint= (-1,0.5)

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    a. Midpoint has to be in negative x retio, and y has to be zero. length to nearest tenth is not 19.

    b. good midpoint, but length is is the sqrt(164) check that. notice you did NOT put the length to nearest tenth, (and it is wrong anyway)

    c. Midpoint ok, length correct.

  • Geometry; Check answers? -

    Wait. How do I correct 1 and 2?

  • Geometry; Check answers? -

    I did correct #1. It's (-1.5,0) but, I still don't know the length. Can you help?
    #2. How do I put it in correct form?

  • Geometry; Check answers? -

    copy triangle CAN shown at the right. use your procrator to find the angle bisector <A. Label the point where it crosses CN point Y. use your ruler to find the midpoint of CN and label it D. are D and Y the same point?

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