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How many different ways can i rewrite this theme; Acceptance through detachment?

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    I have no idea what that means.

    You'll need to explain what this is supposed to mean ... in at least 4 or 5 sentences.

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    I am writing a paper on a novel (Tuesdays With Morrie) and in the novel one of the themes/messages were acceptance through detachment.
    Acceptance Through Detachment

    In his quest to accept his impending death, Morrie consciously "detaches himself from the experience" when he suffers his violent coughing spells, all of which come loaded with the possibility of his last breath. Morrie derives his method of detachment from the Buddhist philosophy that one should not cling to things, as everything that exists is impermanent. In detaching, Morrie is able to step out of his tangible surroundings and into his own state of consciousness, namely for the sake of gaining perspective and composure in a stressful situation. Morrie does not intend to stop feeling or experiencing in his detachment, but instead, wants to experience wholly, for it is only then that he is able to let go, to detach from a life-threatening experience which renders him fearful and tense. He does not want to die feeling upset, and in these frightening moments, detaches so that he may accept the impermanence of his life and embrace his death, which he knows may come at any moment.

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    You need to be able to write 4 or 5 sentences that reflect/explain the theme. They may or may not already be in the paragraphs you've written.

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