January 18, 2017

Homework Help: Trigonometry desperate help, clueless girl here

Posted by Suzy on Friday, August 16, 2013 at 9:36pm.

2. solve cos 2x-3sin x cos 2x=0 for the principal values to two decimal places.

3. solve tan^2 + tan x-1= 0 for the principal values to two decimal places.

4. Prove that tan^2(x) -1 + cos^2(x) = tan^2(x) sin^2 (x).

5.Prove that tan(x) sin(x) + cos(x)= sec(x)

6.Prove that tan(x) cos^2(x)+sin^2(x)= cos(x)+ sin(x)

7.Prove that 1+tan(x)/1-tan(x)= sec^2(x)+ 2tan(x)/1-tan^2(x)

8.Prove that sin^2(x)-cos^2(x)/tan(x)sin(x)+cos(x)tan(x)=cos(x)-con(x)cos(x)

9. find a counterexample to show that the equation sec(x)-cos(x)=sin(x) sec(x) is not an identity

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