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How would you do this?


a.Find the value of y
b. Find rs, st, rt

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    8y+4y+8 = 115y-9
    103y = -17
    y = -17/103
    now plug that into the expressions for the segments

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    How'd you get that? I was trying the problem and couldn't get it

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    I'm sorry rt=15 not 115

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    I got y=-17 Am I right?

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    well, let's see:

    8y+4y+8 = 15y-9
    3y = 17
    y = 17/3

    right off, you should have realized that a negative value for y makes no sense, since we are dealing with line segments, which have positive lengths.

    I'm still bothered by the fraction answer. A simple exercise like this usually has a nice integer result.

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