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Ez stop fast gas sold 10957 worth of gasoline yesterday. Redular grade sold for 2.30 a gallon and premium grade sold for 2.55 a gallon. If the station sold 420 more regular than premium, how many gallons of regular were sold

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    Represent the unknown with variables:
    Let x = amount of premium grade gasoline sold in gallons
    Let x+420 = amount of regular grade gasoline sold in gallons (according to the third statement)
    Then we set up the equation. We know that the total worth of gasoline sold is 10,957. Therefore, we multiply the costs per each gallon of regular & premium grade by their respective amounts and get the total:
    2.55x + (2.30)(x+420) = 10957
    Solving for x,
    2.55 + 2.3x + 966 = 10957
    4.85x = 10957 - 966
    4.85x = 9991
    x = 2060 gallons of premium grade, and
    x+420 = 2480 gallons of regular grade

    Hope this helps~ :)

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