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Crude oil pumped out of the ground may be accompanied by the formation of water, a solution that contains high concentrations of NaCl and other salts. If a boiling point of a sample of the formation of water is 2.0 Celsius above the boiling point of pure water, what is the molality of particles in the sample?

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    delta T = i*Kb*m
    i for NaCl is 2. I assume the problem expects you to use i for NaCl since "other" salts are not listed.

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    I had this on my homework and got the correct answer.

    delta T = i * m * Kb

    delta T -- 2 * 2.0 (the difference in temperature)
    i -- it is 2 for NaCl
    Kb -- is the van't hoff factor of water; which is 0.52 degress C/m

    Just solve for m

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