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children who require special treatment

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mr.ames is married and has two children.he abuses alcohol.a family therapist would classify mr ames family as have a sick family pattern of a ?
a.weak father
b.2nd class family
c.malevolent mother
d.soluble dad
my answer is d

  • children who require special treatment -

    in the text is say s the following
    weak father_mother wears the trousers leaving the children confused about reactions to authority figures

    malevolent mother-mother(unstable)undermines childrens confused security by conflicting messages

    2nd class family-parents remain attached to their original families.unable to the children a family identity

    soluble dad- alcoholic parents often create havoc among the children

  • children who require special treatment -

    I've never heard of a soluble person.,or.r_qf.&fp=f80464a5655b5caf&q=soluble+definition

    We don't have enough information to classify this family.

  • children who require special treatment -


    How do we know that a weak father means a strong mother?

    Malevolent means bad, evil. The text hasn't based this description on solid facts.

    Second class family could have more than one meaning.

    Get a new text!!

  • children who require special treatment -

    What is the name of the textbook, and who is the author?

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