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This time I hope I improve. Writing is a skill that must be practiced. In order to be good at writing I must read a lot, right? I won't survive in college if I am not able to write superfluos essays,right?????
*Thank you,Writeacher for your patience. I know you might be bored from reading my poor essays, but I am glad to receive your feedback.

In response to articles examining sensitive topics such as dating and partying, many schools are considering censoring their newspapers. Some schools believe that these topics are inappropriate for student-run papers, while others believe that,as long as what is printed is true, student papers should have the same freedoms as regular newspapers do. What is your opinion on this topic?

Please make corrections, give feedbacks, and grade.


School newspapers provide news for students,but too much freedom can cause students to put topics like dating and partying on the newspaper. Students are likely to focus on dating and partying on school editorials. Many schools think that censuring is needed, while others think that students should have the freedom to write about anything as regular newspapers do. Topics like dating and partying come with inappropriateness, which is not allowed in school. Hence, school should censure students newspapers.

Some people believe that schools should not censure students newspapers. They claim that students articles should have the same freedom as regular articles. This argument is flawed. How can the school and the outside world be the same? Schools have many restrictions for students like dress codes. In the contrary, the out of school world does not have such restriction. Freedom is good, but too much of it can handicap the students--they do whatever seems right to them and not to the rules. Moreover, schools have the right to dictate rules when students are on their campus. Above all, censoring newspapers is necessary.

Newspapers is a form of communication and is as influential as the media. When articles convey topics about dating and partying, students tend to be influenced. For example, some students might want to date after reading the article about dating. This can greatly impact their education. Statistics show that students earn low grades when they date. This is because they are sidetracked and lose focus on schoolwork. Not only dating can cause low grades, but partying can also too. Staying late at night or spending long hours having pleasures take away the time that should be used for studying. The school functions to help students succeed, so censuring is key.

The reason why certain schools want to censure students editorials is that they want to maintain the school's atmosphere. The information that circulates around the school should be appropriate. For example, if the students were influenced by the article about dating, then they may display public affection. They do have their rights, but since they are on school's ground they must obey the rules. A good school environment helps students learn better and become more focused. For this reason, schools should censure students newspapers .

Students editorials may contain inappropriate topics and must be censured. In this way, students' educations are not interfered and the school's environment is maintained. For the sake of the students' education, students newspapers must be censured.

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    Do you know how "censure" and "censor" are different from each other:

    Somewhere between 1 and 2:
    Still far too general: "The essay may include excessive repetition of the writer's ideas or of ideas in the prompt. Focus on the general topic is usually maintained, but focus on the specific issue in the prompt may not be maintained."
    Read and understand what 1 and 2 are like.
    Then read and understand what needs to happen for a paper to be at least a 3 or 4.

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    You did not answer the questions.

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