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Many communities are considering adopting curfews for high school students. Some educators and parents favor curfews because they believe it will encourage students to focus more on their homework and make them more responsible. Others feel curfews are up to families, not the community, and that students today need freedom to work and participate in social activities in order to mature properly. Do you think that communities should impose curfews on high school students?


High school students are known for their "out of control behavior". Communities are considering to adopt curfews for high school students. On the contrary, others think that it is up to the family and that not having curfews can possibly be a good thing. Although it is important to restrict high school students, the communities should leave it up to the family. Hence, communities should not impose curfews on high school students.

Educators and parents encourage curfews because they believe that students will tend to be more focused on their schoolwork and be more responsible. This may be true, but it is more important to consider other factors like freedom and social activities. Communities may set a curfew that at 5:00 pm students must be focusing on homework. This act of control can make the students more tenacious. It is difficult to instruct some teenagers to conform with the curfew. Most of the teenagers I know and I myself are very likely to do the contrary when curfews are set. In addition, curfews set by communities are not easily to be changed. Also, curfews limit the students' time, which is needed for community service. Thus, communities should not impose curfews on high school students

Students need freedom, so curfew should not be applied at all times. They need freedom to do productive things such as volunteer work. Curfews would limit their time to help the community. If the students take the advantage of their freedom prudently then they should not have curfew. In contrast, if the students use their time to hang out with friends, play games, and watch television for a long time then it is up to the family to deal with that. It is more flexible when the family set curfews rather than the community because when the students need to focus then curfew is needed but when they are focus and use their time wisely curfew is not needed. Most students are different from each other so it works best for the family to adjust the curfews.

As high school students they need to develop social skills. Hence, there should be no curfews, which can deprive them from social activities like outside school clubs. For example, if the students were to be home at six and the club meeting is at seven, then it may be impossible for them to participate in such activity. Students need to be exposed to the outside world in order to strengthen their communication skills. Also, they can develop problem-solving skills. For instance, if a student were to watch a kid who later got lost, the student must not be panic but instead try to solve the problem. These skills will greatly help the students to develop maturely. Curfew can shield students from acquiring these skill and so it should not be imposed by communities.

Communities must not establish curfews for high schools students but rather their family. Students need the freedom to develop good social skills. This freedom allows them to grow maturely.

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