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I have to solve an inverse function.
f(x)=x+6 and g(x)=x+6

f(x)=1/4x,x is equal to or not equal to 0
g(x)=1/4x,x is equal to or not equal to 0
Please help me I have been on this one problem for hours and I can't get it. This one question will determine whether or not I pass this course or not.

  • Algebra - eh? -

    what is it you have to solve for?

    "an inverse function" doesn't help much

    f -1(x)?
    g -1(x)?

    (f◦g) -1(x)?

    In the 2nd part, do you mean

    f(x) = 1/(4x) or (1/4)x?
    and is g the same as f?

  • Algebra -

    if f and g are inverses, f(g(x)) = x

    f(x) = x+6
    f(g) = g+6 = (x+6)+6 = x+12

    so, f and g are not inverses.

    Same for the 2nd part.

    If f(x) is the same as g(x), they are not inverses unless

    f(x) = x
    g(x) = x

    i think you have some typos in your write-up.

  • Algebra -

    I did sorry about that but I have found the answer since then. I got it wrong when I submitted it but time was running out. However, I know the answer now but I still don't understand it at all.

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