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3.91 mol of magnesium and 3.91 mol of hydrochloric acid are reacted, how many grams of magnesium chloride will be produced?

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    This is a limiting reagent problem. You know that because amounts for BOTH reactants are given.
    Mg + 2HCl ==> MgCl2 + H2.

    mols Mg = 3.91
    mol HCl = 3.91
    Convert mols Mg to mols MgCl2 using the coefficients in the balanced equation. That's 3.91 mols Mg x (1 mol MgCl2/1 mol Mg) = 3.91 mols MgCl2.

    Do the same for HCl
    mols HCl x (1 mol MgCl2/2 mols HCl) = 3.91/2 = about1.9
    Obviously both answers can't be right; the correct answer in limiting reagent problems is ALWAYS the smaller value and the reagent producing that value is the limiting reagent.
    Then g MgCl2 = mols x molar mass.

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