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Elements of Structures MIT 2.02

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In this problem

The composite beam AB, of length L=2m, is free at A (x=0) and fixed at B (x=L) and is composed of a round cylindrical core of constant radius R0=1cm bonded inside a sleeve of thickness R0 (outer radius 2R0=2cm). The beam is loaded, as indicated, by a downward linearly varying distributed load per unit length of magnitude
The material moduli are:

For the core, EC=70GPa=E0
For the sleeve, ES=210GPa=3E0

Now i got


max STRESS in CORE=9 MPa

and max stress in sleeve= 73 MPa

Are this values correct ? Ples help me this are the last values to finish and I have only more chance and I will pass the course.

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