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General Physics

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A block sliding on a horizontal surface has an initial speed of 0.5 m/s. The block travels a distance of 1 m as it slows to a stop.
What distance would the block have traveled if its initial speed had been 1 m/s?

1. 2 m
2. 1 m
3. more information is needed to answer the question
4. 3 m
5. 0.5 m
6. 4 m

  • General Physics -

    Wnc = −fk L = 0 − 1/2m v0^2
    −µ m g L = −1/2m v0^2
    L = v0^2/(2 µ g)
    So the distance is proportional to the square
    of the initial speed.

    Answer: 4m

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