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The shaft ABC is a solid circular cylinder of constant outer diameter 2R and length 3L. The shaft is fixed between walls at A and C and it is composed of two segments made of different materials. The left third of the shaft (AB) is composed of a linear isotropic elastic material of shear modulus G0, while the right two-thirds of the shaft (BC) is composed of a different linear elastic material of shear modulus 2G0. The right segment, BC, is subjected to a uniform distributed torque per unit length t0[N⋅m/m].
Obtain symbolic expressions in terms of R, G0, L, t0, and x for the quantities below. In your answers, leave rationals as fractions and enter G0, t0, and π as G_0, t_0 and pi, respectively.
The x-component of the reaction torque at C:
Q2_1_2 : 60.0 POINTS
The twist rate dφdx(x), and the position x0 along the shaft where the twist rate goes to zero (dφdx(x0)=0):
Q2_1_3 : 60.0 POINTS
The maximum absolute value of the shear stress in the shaft (τmax) and its location (rτmax, xτmax):
Q2_1_4 : 100.0 POINTS
The maximum value of the rotation field φ(x) along the shaft (φmax), and the position along the shaft where the maximum rotation occurs (xφmax):

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