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A hand-driven tire pump has a 2.50 cm diameter piston and a maximum stroke of 31.0 cm.

(a) How much work (J) do you do in one stroke if the average gauge pressure is 2.40 multiplied by 105 N/m2 (about 35 psi)? (You may consider this an isothermal process.)

(b) What average force(N) do you exert on the piston, neglecting friction and gravity?

Please give me the steps. Thanks

  • physics -

    d=0.025 m
    Δx=0.31 m
    =2.4•10⁵•3.14•0.025²•0.31/4 =36.5 J
    F=W/ Δx = 36.5/0.31 = 117.8 N

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