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Analytical chem

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I have a known molarity of KMnO4 solution. It was diluted by a factor of 20. Its absorbance is now 1.18. The length of the path is 1 cm.What is the molarity of the new solution.

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    I think you need the molar absorptivity to solve, and I am not sure that the number that I supplied is the correct number. Chemistry research articles will report different numbers for it, and I know that it is not in CRC handbook. That is why Dr. Bob222 hasn't responded.

    Use the following equation:



    e=molar absorptivity=1.80 x 104 M-1cm-1
    b=length of cuvette
    c=concentration (Molarity)

    Plug and Chug

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    I apologize, this may be why he hasn't responded.

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    I may be missing something but if you have a "known molarity" of KMnO4, then it's new concn is just M x 1/20 = ?

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    I goofed on the "English" part of my answer. It's should be its.

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