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Calculus-HELP PLZ !!!!

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Find the complete general solution to the 2nd ODE:

9y'' + 9y' - 4y = 0

  • Calculus-HELP PLZ !!!! -

    (3a-1)(3a+4) = 0
    a = -4/3,1/3

    y = c1 e^(-4/3 x) + c2 e^(1/3 x)

  • Calculus-HELP PLZ !!!! -

    Thank you so much Steve! I had gotten this far but what about solving for the "complete" general solution? That's where I get lost....

  • Calculus-HELP PLZ !!!! -

    you got me.
    We have found the general solution. Dunno what more you can come up with for a "complete" general solution.

    Does your text explain the difference? Sounds bogus to me.

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