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Homework Help: American National Government

Posted by John on Sunday, July 21, 2013 at 6:33pm.

1-During a hearing, executive branch officials are asked to:
a) report on what their agency or department has been doing.
b) state their intentions for reelection.
c) pass new legislation proposed by Congress.
d) approve funding for upcoming programs.

2-The division of Congress into committees allows for all except:
a) greater efficiency through division of labor.
b) specialization.
c) broad based representation.
d) comprehensive knowledge about all legislation before Congress.

3-If the President requests a Congressional authorization for the use of force, Congress:
a) has met its formal obligation to declare war if it votes to authorize the use of force.
b) has failed to meet its formal obligation.
c) must still pass a resolution stating “We declare war” after it has voted for authorization.
d) should do nothing because the President will do what he wants anyway.

4-Members of Congress represent their districts by doing all except:
a) serving on committees that best serve their district’s interests.
b) trading votes for support on bills of importance to their districts’.
c) bringing projects or other “pork” back to their districts.
d) rising to be Speaker of the House.

5-When states or localities receive categorical grants-in-aid from the national government they:
a) may spend the money as they please.
b) can use the money to pay state salaries.
c) must abide by the Voting Rights Act.
d) may only use money for the single purpose specified in the grant-in-aid.

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