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I need help with this please. It is a multiple choice question, so choose one from a,b,c please. I believe the correct is c. What do you think?

Ari lives about 10 minutes away from the college to which he intend to attend a summer seminar of 10 weeks. There are two main routes that can be followed to reach the college, the first in the city and the other from the countryside. The city's way is shorter but with more traffic lights. The route of the countryside is more miles but has fewer traffic lights and stop signs. Ari performs a randomized experiment where everyday chooses the path to follow throwing a coin. Records data for five days following each of the routes.

countryside: 17, 15, 17, 16, 18
city: 18, 13, 20, 10, 16

It is important for Ari to not arrive late to class, but not reach too early, because this increases his costs for parking. Based on the data collected, which route would you suggest Ari to use?

a) The way of the countryside, because the time vary consistently between 15 and 18 minutes.

b) The way of the city, because under normal conditions can reach its destination in 10 minutes and the average time is less than the distance of the countryside.

c) The averages of the two paths are similar to the extent that any path not appear better than the other. The best he could do is to decide to chance.

Thank you!

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    I'd choose a because of the consistency of time. Besides, the countryside is a more pleasant drive.

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    S. Sue, Thank you. To be honest i was not sure about c.. I am between a and c.. More positive on c.. Are you sure?

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    I'm looking at it from a practical standpoint since no other criteria seems relevant.

    By going through the countryside, he knows within a couple of minutes when he will arrive. If he chooses the city, then he'll have to leave at least 20 minutes before class even though he doesn't need that amount of time most days.

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    Yeah... I think you are absolutely correct. Also from the city is very possible to be there in 10 minutes so he will pay more for the parking.

    I changed my mind... Thank you a lot.

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